LIE's Guide to Tuscany


We are happy to share another LIÉ guide with you all!

This time we're visiting Tuscany for our summer holiday!
Earlier this summer we travelled to Tuscany in the area of Barga, where we rented a beautiful old stonehouse in the mountains. We had an incredible trip and visited the medevial village of Barga, and had day trips to both Lucca and Florence.

We spend several nights cooking up pasta and other italian dishes in our small little kitchen, and had cozy nights at our house watching the sunset and relaxed after a long day in the sun.

Read below and have a look into our trip to Tuscany, where we enjoyed delicious food, stayed hydrated and cool with plenty of drinks, chilled at the pool while reading books, and visited some beautiful historic towns in the surrounding area.

Scroll down to see some snippets into our time in spend in Tuscany and our summer holiday, and get inspired before your next trip to Italy. We sure loved it, and can't wait to share more LIÉ guides with you all in the future.
As the big foodies we are we have gathered our food recommendations down below.

Eat here:

Pizzeria Da Felice / Located in Lucca

No doubt the best pizza we had on our trip. A cute little shop on a street corner of Lucca. You can't miss it, with customers lining up around the store, the wondeful smell and the whole vibe going on outside the pizzeria. Just grab a slice to go and enjoy it in one of the surrounding piazza

Buca di Sant'Antonio / Located in Lucca

This restaurant is the perfect place for a lovely evening in Lucca. So much good Italian food and wine in beautiful surroundings. Authentic and very classic. Would recommend to everyone visiting Lucca

Buca Mario / Located in Florence 
The best food we got on our trip was at Buca Mario in Florence. It is a magical place located in a cellar. The place itself is worth a visit. The food was very heavy bistro food, but we must reccomend the truffle pasta, one of their florentine steaks and of course the potato mash which was so incredibly yummy. Great food, great wine, great service - definitely coming back to this place.

Trattoria 13 Gobbi / Located in Florence

If you are looking for a greasy pasta dish this is the place to go. The restaurant is a bit hidden on a small cobblestone street, but when you find it, you know you're in the right place. Their Rigatoni served in a big glass bowl is probably their most popular dish - and we fully understand why! A must try!

Giro di Boa / Located in Barga

We got Italian seafood dishes at this place in Barga. Such a nice atmosphere with plenty of seating outside. You can peak into the kitchen from the street where two Italian ladies are cooking up the dishes. Very local and very lovely.

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Lots of love, Amalie and Cecilie x