We recently pre-launched our latest drop, drop 2, and shared our 2 new earrings with you all; the Julie Earring and the Marie Earring. We have been so overjoyed by the response we have received so we wanted to take you behind the scenes of the shoot we did, and give you a glimpse of a shooting day with LIÉ. 

Our small and amazing team kept the spirits high all day even though we shot the pictures on the hottest day of the year, so every single little breeze was highly appreciated. 

We shot the latest drop in the Royal Library Garden in Copenhagen and in the surrounding area. The garden is filled with beautiful greenery and flowers that surrounds the garden's center piece, the water sculpture. It's an eight-meter-high column fountain with fish swimming below in the pond. 

The garden is placed in the middle of the city center, but is by many seen as a hidden gem due to it being tucked away behind large buildings and the large shadowy trees.

It was the perfect location for our latest drop and set the perfect mood. Below you can scroll through some behind the scenes shots that we took throughout the day. To see how it all turned out, go to our front page or our Instagram to see the final imagery from our shoot. 

And remember you can go pre-order the Julie Earrings and the Marie Earrings now!

Lots of love, Amalie & Cecilie